Microsoft Training Options

We offer a range of short training sessions online to help schools develop their use of the Microsoft software. We can also deliver more in depth sessions both remotely or face to face as part of staff meetings or INSET day training. We can combine sessions to cover exactly what you need.

Introduction to Microsoft OneNote

Learn the basics of using OneNote, a powerful tool which allows teachers to distribute and mark pupils' work online, all at the touch of a button.

Learn how to manage pupils' Notebooks, distribute work and leave feedback.

How to use Microsoft Teams post pandemic

Learn how to conduct staff meetings, parents' evenings, assemblies and after-school clubs via Teams.

Learn how to use staff, class and clubs Teams to create customised experiences for your school. Both staff and pupils can benefit from use Teams to enhance teaching and learning, to support organisation and to reduce workload.

Immersive Reader

Learn how to use Immersive Reader, a tool which is built into Microsoft applications. See how this powerful tool can be utilised in OneNote, Word and Forms.

Using Microsoft Forms for parental communication

Learn how to create Microsoft Forms for parental communication and engagement.

Let EdTech do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating letters and surveys for communication with parents. You will learn how to use this powerful tool to help to reduce workload and physical paperwork, whilst ensuring that important information is communicated quickly and efficiently.

Using Microsoft Forms in the classroom

Learn how to use Forms quizzes to engage pupils and to assess understanding.

Forms is not just for adults. Learn how this powerful tool can be used to create interactive, self-marking quizzes that can help you to assess understanding before or after a lesson takes place. Forms can even be embedded within other applications to reduce workload and make it easy for children to participate.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Learn the basics of Microsoft SharePoint.

Discover how to use the basic functions of SharePoint, both for staff organisation and as a learning platform for pupils and parents.

Supporting teacher workload with Microsoft SharePoint

Learn how SharePoint can be used to reduce workload in your school.

Developing a Learning Platform through Microsoft SharePoint

An advanced look at Sharepoint. Learn how to develop a Learning Platform in your school.

Learn how to use web parts to create year group and class sites, as well as discussions and photographs. Also discover how to use videos in Microsoft Stream.

Create an online class site that supports learning outcomes

Discover how to create interactive class pages.

Learn how to upload photographs, videos and discussions to create interactive experiences for your classes.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Discover the range of features in Microsoft PowerPoint, including design tools, inserting objects and links, and adding animations and transitions to your presentations.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint inside and outside of the classroom

Learn how to utilise PowerPoint to facilitate teaching and learning.

Learn how to create presentations and videos in PowerPoint for different purposes, for example recording stories, creating help guides for pupils and parents and as an engaging presentational tool in the classroom.